Suggested Uses For Stock Security Holograms

  • Seed Sellers & Breeders
  • Cannabis Extractors
  • Edible Makers
  • Dab & Flower Sellers
  • Vape Cartridges
  • Medical Edibles
  • Dispensary Packaging
  • ALL Products Containing Cannabis
Stock security image this is a sample of our original canapac holographic warning labels. Each one boasts keep out of reach of children and each one is uniquely as intricate and flashy as the next. We over printed the samples to show how you could showcase your own logo or include vital information to your packaging over any of our holograms. The brilliant design of these labels makes for a very flashy packaging however there is more of I need now for a basic clinical label and that’s why we developed our holographic secure CANNABIS design in virtually any shape or size.

Stock Canapac ® Secure Cannabis Holograms

If your holographic cannabis security project has a budget of at least $3,000 and a 6 week lead-time, you would be best served by a fully custom hologram, please click our Custom Security Hologram section for more details. You may click this link to go directly to our Custom Security Section, or read below for further details and information about our customizable stock security holograms

At first glance it may seem that ‘Stock Security’ is a contradiction, however we’ve found that there are an extraordinary number of businesses that would benefit from the use of security holography, especially in the cannabis-space. Clients whose budget can not accommodate the high tooling costs of custom security holograms, or whose time constraints won’t  allow for the complex design and proofing stages which custom work require, we offer “Stock” security holograms.  Canapac ® Stock Security Holograms were created as a solution to these projects. Though there can be no guarantees with stock security imagery (and where such guarantees are required, custom security is mandated), at canapac, we do our best to qualify customer requests so as not to sell stock images in a manner that might compromise their use as authentic images.

Corporate & Government

As a proud woman owned business enterprise we consult with local & state legislators in their battle to set policy and regulation. Our warning and security labels are a great way to track and collect revenue in this newly created legal landscape. All our products are made in the U.S.A.

Always Innovating

We are continuously developing new label designs, targeting natural hemp, CBD, and other cannabis products.

Insist on “GENUINE” canapac ® security labels.


We operate a trade finishing shop with over 36 years experience in the custom die cut, foil press & specialty packaging business. With our state of the art  processing facility, we can ensure quality service and fast turn-around. Top equipment, high-skilled staff and our team of designers are expanding the options for everyone to have access to the highest quality cartons and packaging available. We proudly employ and support our local community by manufacturing in the United States.

  • Security
  • Printing
  • Foil Stamping
  • Embossing
  • Die-Cutting & Scoring
  • Glueing
  • Hand Assembly & Fulfillment
  • Finishing Operations


We can emboss and stamp high security holographic foil on Coupons, Identification cards, State ID’s, Tax Stamps & Certificates. Serialized documents and sequential numbering. Protect your product and brand with anti-counterfeit measures. WE DO CUSTOM HOLOGRAMS from design through production. Contact us to tell you more.

Foil Stamping

We foil stamp custom holographic images and diffraction foils. Traditional, Flat & Combo stamping (Stamp & Emboss in one pass). Random Pattern Security Holographic Foils. Our custom products make the visible difference helping your products to stand-out.  We have 33 years experience running Industry “TRADE” work. Your packaging work is safe with our experienced handlers and professional operators.


HOT, Blind and Multi-Level embossing. We have all the machinery and high end equipment to Literally make your logos and designs STAND up off the page.


We do mounting for displays,  As well as automatic and hand glueing. We focus on “Detail”. Quality and client satisfaction is our priority goal.


Holograms offer security and authenticity for the reason that they are impossible to copy using standard electronic means such as computers or copy machines. Leading the class of DOVIDs (Diffractive Optical Variably Identifiable Devices), custom holograms are, by now, considered the default standard for visual authentication. As there has been a custom security hologram on every Visa and Master Card manufactured since the early 1980’s, they are well grounded into society’s collective psyche as an accepted security technique.

Since overt and covert security devices can be incorporated or added onto fully custom images, custom holography offers the highest possible level of security available, and in large volume can be extremely cost-effective. Custom Origination can include imaging techniques such as true-3D, computer generated 3D, dot matrix elements, animation, 2D3D planes, micro-text, and other lens-readable covert elements. Canapac also offers a wide array of materials including hot stamp foil, tamper evident adhesives varying for products application and use, transparent as well as metalized and tinted materials, sequential numbering, bar codes, and specialized die cutting where appropriate.

Canapac has been producing high quality custom holograms for security and authenticity specifically designed for the cannabis industry market space. 

Modest setup cost

  • Product Recognition
  • Outstanding Return on Investment
  • Limitless resupply at lower costs
  • Promotes Security & Anti-Counterfeit
  • Continuous new designs available
canapac ® security labels

The INDUSTRY leader in cannabis security,

We’ve built a reputation of innovation, service and excellence by producing the finest custom holograms. We remain a leader in “state of the art” custom holographic imagery. Custom holography offers the highest possible level of security that is available and in large volume can be extremely cost-effective. Overt and covert security devices can be incorporated or added into fully-custom images. Please submit project specifications (image, size, quantity, use, and whether manual or machine application will be used) to your canapac representative for a quote.


We implement leading edge technology into all of our fully custom holograms, bringing our experience to each design and making them the best choice for security, branding and anti-counterfeit authentication. Any project which can handle a minimum cost of $3,000, which is comprised of $1,200(v) setup and $1,800(r) minimum run as well as a 6 week lead time would be far best served from our custom holograms. If your project is smaller or requires faster delivery, please check here to get to our Stock Security page.

Insist on “GENUINE” canapac ® security labels.


Fully Customized Holographic Security labels are more affordable than you may think. Get your Secure Custom Hologram with or without tamper-release, fully customized, registered & die-cut to shape or custom shape. Holographic security labels (on rolls or sheets).

  • How many holograms will you require?
  • Designs from Illustrator or Vector Graphics are required. We can assist in layout & Design.
  • Hidden security devices such as micro-text can be added to your labels, further adding to the security of your brand.
  • Minimum order Quantity (MOQ) depends greatly on the labels size. There is a MOQ of materials used so, "Size Matters". Please indicate: IE 1.5" X 1.75"
  • When do you need your holograms?
  • What type of product are you applying this Hologram?
  • Let us know any other questions you may have.

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